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Dental disease is one on the most common issues seen in our small animal patients.  Owners will often notice tartar accumulating on the enamel surfaces of their pet’s teeth or a bad odor coming from the pet’s mouth.  What is not visible is what is accumulating below the gumline.  This is where the majority of the dental issues occur.

We offer full dental services at our other location, Lloydminster Animal Hospital, and the field of veterinary dentistry has progressed very rapidly over the last 10 years.  Dogs and cats need to be placed under general anesthetic to fully examine the mouth and check each tooth for potential issues.  It is not possible to do a thorough job of assessment or dental cleaning with the pet awake.  We also will perform dental radiographs (digital) to check for bone loss and fractures of the tooth roots if needed. If teeth need to be removed, we anesthetize the area (just like human dentists) to reduce pain on recovery.  We clean the teeth using similar technology used when you get your teeth cleaned at your dentist’s office. 

It is important to keep on top of your pet’s oral health.  If left unchecked, dental issues can predispose the pet to other diseases such as heart disease.  The visit to the veterinarian to assess dental issues is an integral part of your pet’s health.  Appropriate home care is essential to maintaining dental health.  This is why we need to brush our own teeth every day. The same is true for your pet!