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End of Life Care

Euthanasia – End of Life Care

Being pet owners, we understand how difficult a choice it can be to put your pet down (euthanasia). We strive to provide you with options that may bring you comfort in the days, weeks, and months after losing a beloved member of your family.

We offer burial boxes to take home or cremation, with ashes spread by the river or returned to you. You may choose to have the ashes returned in a blue drawstring bag, or perhaps choose an urn from the wide selection we have offer. Visit Prairie Pet Cremation to view the urn selection. Please keep in mind that many of the urns are hand-crafted and may not always be available. Please contact us to reserve your selection. You can also visit the Trophy Gallery website to view the custom urns available through their Lloydminster location. 

We offer clay impressions, with a variety of colors to choose from. The size of the paw print will determine whether the name and age will go on the front or back of the impression. You can choose from a display stand or ornament-style with a ribbon to hang the impression. There is also a small version that has a magnet on the back. This is only suitable for cats and small dogs. We also offer an impression in a 5 x 7 frame, with optional add-on of an additional hinged frame for you to display your pet’s photo.

We also offer gray-scale prints with the option to create a piece of silver jewelry down the road… Visit Pawsitive Impressions to view some of the projects they can make. The print is yours to keep and looks wonderful when framed.