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  • Apr 08 2021

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    April 10 is National Hug Your Dog Day: It’s Good for Both of You

    Open your heart and your arms! It’s National Hug Your Dog Day on April 10. What better way to show your pooch just how much you love them than with a good old-fashioned hug. …

  • Apr 01 2021

    Thumbnail for April is Canine Fitness Month!

    April is Canine Fitness Month!

    Get ready to ‘spring’ into action! April is Canine Fitness Month and what better time to grab your running shoes and a leash and get outside with your favorite furry friend.  …

  • Mar 25 2021

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    Respect Your Cat Day: Celebrate Your Favorite Feline Friend

    It’s Respect Your Cat Day on March 28. This is an opportunity to celebrate and recognise our feline friends and the love they bring into our lives. …

  • Mar 18 2021

    Thumbnail for Spread the Joy on National Puppy Day!

    Spread the Joy on National Puppy Day!

    They’re cute and cuddly and the unconditional love they offer is priceless for any new puppy parent. …

  • Mar 11 2021

    Thumbnail for March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month!

    March is Adopt a Guinea Pig Month!

    Most people are familiar that animal shelters take in cats and dogs, but many may not realize that they also take in other surrendered animals, including gerbils, mice, rats, and guinea pigs. March is…

  • Mar 04 2021

    Thumbnail for It’s Pet Sitters Week!

    It’s Pet Sitters Week!

    March 7-13th marks Professional Pet Sitters Week, so it’s time to celebrate and learn about those people who care for our pets when we can’t – when we’re ill, on vacation, or busy with family…

  • Feb 25 2021

    Thumbnail for Pet Poison Prevention Month

    Pet Poison Prevention Month

    Pet poisoning happens more often than pet owners realize. Many common items found in our homes are toxic to our pets, including plants, alcohol, certain foods, medications, xylitol, and cannabis.…